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This is Hobart Southern RR #4. Built as Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber #4, "W.S. Hobart". Built by Baldwin cn #18665 in 1901.
Greg Maxwell

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Howdy all,
I just picked up a Guy Dunscomb shot labeled as Hobart Southern #1 taken in Truckee in 1937 during scrapping of the line. A high res scan seems to show a #1 on the number plate. Unit appears to be a 2-6-2. Problem is, I have no listings that match this number/unit on any rosters I have. Anybody got any clue. Maybe it is actually number 4 but bad lighting makes it appear to be a #1?? It does not seem to match #8 due to many minor details, size and placement of steam/sand domes, type of counterweights in drivers, etc. Help! :)

John Barnhill

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