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Mark Foster

Thanks for the info Dave. Have you any idea when the M&A retired its wood burner? If I remember correctly the LOP&G operated one until around 1948 and the M&B until at least 1947. I can't find any documentation to support this and of course there could have been another railroad to operate one at an even later date like the M&A which you suggest.



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How about the Mississippi and Alabama 2-6-2 documented in Lucius Beebe's Mixed Train Daily? My failing memory says that lasted later than LOP&G.
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I would like to know what was the last wood burning locomotive to be used in regular or standby service by a US common carrier. I'm interested in learning the last engine's wheel arrangement, number, railroad on which it ran, and the year it was retired from service. I think one of the Florida/Georgia railroads, the LOP&G, the South Georgia or Marianna & Blounstown, may have been the last to run a wood burner but have been unsuccessful in finding anything on the internet to confirm that. Any info and/or links to a reference would be greatly appreciated.

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