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Best Ways to Recover from Strenuous Activity



Best Ways to Recover from Strenuous Activity
Published 1:00 am Sunday, February 19, 2017

Column: Sports Health
By Liz Ostrowski, MS,ATC, CSCS

Athletic Trainer


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Everyone is continually talking about getting physically active and how to
stay physically active. But you dont hear a lot of talk about how to
recover from strenuous physical activity.  It doesnt matter if the workout
is for a sport, training for a marathon, or just your daily exercise
routine. We all need to recover from our activities to help lessen the
muscle soreness and joint pain that comes along with a tough workout.
There are many ways to recover from a workout. Here are a few of the best
ways to help your body recover.


Topics Covered in This Article:

Ice bath

Foam rolling and massage


Eat a balanced diet

Cross train




Best Recovery Methods from Strenuous Physical Activity
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Effect of recovery interventions on lactate removal and subsequent performance

J Monedero, B Donne - International journal of sports medicine, 2000 -
... It is generally accepted [2] [12] that intense physical activity results in the production of lactate,
and the accumulation of lactate in ... The purpose of the present study was to compare the effects
of four different recovery interventions following maximal cycling exercise ... Methods. # ...

A single 10-min bout of cold-water immersion therapy after strenuous plyometric exercise has no beneficial effect on recovery from the symptoms of exercise-induced …

JR Jakeman, R Macrae, R Eston - Ergonomics, 2009 - Taylor & Francis
... Temperature was maintained by the addition of cubed ice, in keeping with field testing methods,
and was monitored using a ... water immersion therapy protocol, similar to one that may be used
in field situations, as a recovery strategy following strenuous physical activity...

Compositions and methods for influencing recovery from strenuous physical activity

BM Zanghi, AJ Reynolds, RP Middleton - US Patent 9,107,867, 2015 - Google Patents
Compositions and methods for influencing the recovery of an animal from the effects of 
strenuous physical activity. The compositions generally comprise about 4% to 6% readily 
absorbable carbohydrate; about 10% to 30% maltodextrins; about 20% to 50% starch, for a 

Compositions and methods for influencing recovery from strenuous physical activity

BM Zanghi, AJ Reynolds… - US Patent App. 14/797,766, 2015 - Google Patents
Compositions and methods for influencing the recovery of an animal from the effects of 
strenuous physical activity. The compositions generally comprise about 4% to 6% readily 
absorbable carbohydrate; about 10% to 30% maltodextrins; about 20% to 50% starch, for a 

Cold water immersion and recovery from strenuous exercise: a meta-analysis

J Leeder, C Gissane, K van Someren… - British journal of sports …, 2011 -
... clarity on the efficacy of water immersions as suitable recovery strategies following strenuous
physical activity... Whether CWI has specificity to recover muscle power over strength requires
further ... CWI is frequently used as a recovery modality from strenuous exercise, despite a ...

[HTML] Book review: Treatment and recovery of eating disorders–edited by Daniel Stein and Yael Latzer

... involves a three-fold approach and lifetime commitment of restricted eating, strenuous physical
activity, and frequent ... The authors present a study of recovered women interviewed about the
meaning of their ... from AN due to the lack of consensus as to how recovery should best be ...

Muscular fatigue in the pelvic floor muscles after strenuous physical activity

M Lindland Ree, I Nygaard, K Bø - Acta obstetricia et gynecologica …, 2007 - Taylor & Francis
... The aim of this study was to investigate whether strenuous physical activity can produce pelvic
floor muscle fatigue. Methods. Participants in this crossover study included 12 nulliparous women
with mild symptoms of stress urinary incontinence during strenuous physical activity...

Is strenuous physical activity appropriate for patients with coronary heart disease?

NK Wenger - Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1982 -
... moderate exercise currently recommended and feasible for most patients recovered from
myocardial infarction. ... Strenuous Physical Activity and Coronary Heart Disease 203 ... an individual
coronary patient at a specific stage in recovery and rehabilitation. ...

[CITATION] Efficacy Of Tart Cherry Juice In Reducing Muscle Damage, Inflammation And Oxidative Stress Following Marathon Running: 2933: Board# 80 May 30 9: …

G HowatsonMP McHughJL Hill, J Brouner… - Medicine & Science in …, 2009 - LWW

Influence of tart cherry juice on indices of recovery following marathon running

G HowatsonMP McHughJA Hill… - … journal of medicine …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... Isometric strength recovered significantly faster (P=0.024) in the cherry juice group.
No other damage indices were significantly different. ... Various strategies are routinely
used to accelerate recovery following strenuous physical activity...


[HTML] Recovery of skeletal muscle function following injury is not augmented by acute resveratrol supplementation

RG RogersCW Baumann, JS Otis - International Journal of Clinical and …, 2015 -
... isometric torque immediately after the injury and took longer to fully recover (over 4 ... duration may
provide partial protection from injury and enhance the recovery of muscle ... the loss of skeletal
muscle function and pain associated with intense physical activity or unaccustomed ...

[PDF] Recovery Nutrition

S Josephson - NSCA's Performance Training Journal, 2003 -
... If you do not recover properly, you will not be ready to perform well during your next training ... Intense
physical activity is likely to lead to a severe depletion of carbohydrate stores (glycogen) and
dehydration. ... Fluid replenishment is a vital component of post-exercise recovery...

Right ventricular migration of a recovery IVC filter's fractured wire with subsequent pericardial tamponade

I Saeed, M Garcia, K McNicholas - Cardiovascular and interventional …, 2006 - Springer
... France) and recommended that patients avoid strenuous physical activity and maneuvers that
could cause an increase in intra-abdominal pressure [11]. Our patient was a yoga enthusiast.
It may have been that the physical activity had some role in the Recovery filter wire ...

Early Degradation of Resurfacing Prostheses

C Cirstoiu, D Popescu, R Ene… - Key Engineering …, 2014 - Trans Tech Publ
... preserves bone capital, maintain femoral vasculature, rapid, resumption of intense physical activity,
complete recovery ... month post-operatively mobilize the full load without support movements largely
recoveredRecovery was rapid, within a short span of time patients can make ...

Comparison of 5km running performance after 24 and 72 hours of passive recovery

A Bosak, P Bishop, JM Green, G Hawver… - The Sport …, 2009 -
... Passive recovery was deemed as no exercise or extensive physical activity during the allotted
recovery ... between R24 and baseline R72 trials = 72 hrs of passive recovery between R72 ...
differences were found between trials Subjects appeared to be fully recovered before each ...

The effect of effleurage massage in recovery from fatigue in the adductor muscles of the thumb

R Young, B Gutnik, RW Moran, RW Thomson - Journal of manipulative and …, 2005 - Elsevier
... in sports and musculoskeletal medicine with the aim of enhancing performance and muscle
recovery and reducing soreness after intense physical activity... Methods... large muscle group
performance in the sporting setting, the current study investigated fatigue recovery in small ...

Recovery drink formula and method

W Gillota - US Patent App. 10/278,678, 2002 - Google Patents
... The drink provides nutrients to ensure recovery following strenuous physical activity... provides
amino acids, vitamins and other biological factors so that optimal recovery and repair ... inappropriate
oxidation of cellular components and thereby help the body to recover more quickly ...

Does low serum 25 OH vitamin D interact with very strenuous physical activity, facilitating development of rhabdomyolysis?

BN Conrad, CJ Glueck - Medical hypotheses, 2013 - Elsevier
... Does low serum 25 OH vitamin D interact with very strenuous physical activity, facilitating
development ... suggest that when exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis develops, after full recovery
and back ... When assessed in our center, having recovered from his rhabdomyolysis and DIC ...

Short-stay surgery: what really happens after discharge?

TT Tran, P Kaneva, NE Mayo, GM Fried, LS Feldman - Surgery, 2014 - Elsevier
... the deterioration in the physical role domain of HRQL and more intense physical activity from
baseline ... Patients who reported a high baseline energy expenditure also had poorer recovery
to that ... expenditure) and physical role HRQL took the greatest time to recover, while other ...

Management outcome of peroneal nerve injury at knee level: Experience of a single military institution

I Solmaz, EN Cetinalp, C Göçmez, BS Albayrak… - … i neurochirurgia polska, 2011 - Elsevier
... Nine of 11 patients (81%) with complete loss of foot dorsiflexion preoperatively recovered fully
in the follow-up period. ... Conclusions. 1. Early decompression and neurolysis of CPN at knee level
after strenuous physical activity offers excellent functional recovery. 2. ...



IUS Comment - Spine

[HTML] Fiber-specific responses of muscle glycogen repletion in fasted rats physically active during recovery from high-intensity physical exertion

G Raja, L Bräu, TN Palmer… - American Journal of …, 2008 - Am Physiological Soc
... a model of choice to investigate the response of muscle glycogen levels to intense physical activity...
exercise, the rats were either killed (n = 10) or allowed to recover in separate ... and a group of
cannulated rats was subjected to the exercise and the recovery protocols described ...

Cognitive function and mood during acute cold stress after extended military training and recovery

HR Lieberman, JW Castellani… - Aviation, space, and …, 2009 -
... sleep ( ; 4 h sleep/night), caloric deficit ( ; 850 kcal zd 21), intense physical activity, and
psychological ... During this 9-wk course, trainees engage in strenuous physical activity, their sleep
is restricted to ... before they had any op- portunity to recover, following partial recovery (48 h ...

The pattern of catecholamine response to burst activity in leopard frogs, Rana pipiens

PA Fournier, A Nadeau, H Guderley - General and comparative …, 1994 - Elsevier
... pattern of catecholamine response in the frog dur- ing intense physical activity and the ... RESULTS
Blood and Muscle Metabolite Response to Exercise Strenuous physical activity caused a marked ...
decreasing progressively to a near-resting level during the recovery period (Fig. ...

[CITATION] Consumption of a novel, carbohydrate-free recovery beverage reduces muscle damage and improves recovery post-exercise

PA Borsa, KA Larkin, JS Martin - Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2012

Composition and methods for nutritional management of patients with hepatic disease

L Cheng, V Mustad, YS Huang, J McEwen… - US Patent App. 10/ …, 2003 - Google Patents
... vehicle that contains fats, amino-nitrogen and carbohydrates and provides some or all of the
nutritional support for a patient in the recommended daily amounts. ... The preferred route of
administration for nutritional methods and compositions of the invention is by the oral route. ...

Performance Enhancing Hormone Doping in Sport--Endotext

LJ De Groot, P Beck-Peccoz, G Chrousos, K Dungan… - 2000 -
... Performance in contact sports and those involving intense physical activity or training may also
be ... by growth hormone and its secretagogues through speeding of tissue recovery from injury ... 3
of anti-doping rule violations detected by increasingly sophisticated detection methods...

Absolute and functional iron deficiency in professional athletes during training and recovery

S ReinkeWR Taylor, GN Duda, S von Haehling… - International journal of …, 2012 - Elsevier
... Although recuperation seems to allow a certain recovery of iron storage, particularly in ... blood flow
is reduced due to enhanced muscular perfusion during acute, intense physical activity... Whether
short periods of recuperation are sufficient to restore adequate iron balance in elite ...

[HTML] Creatine supplementation enhances muscle force recovery after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals

MB Cooke, E Rybalka, AD Williams… - Journal of the …, 2009 -
... injury is well understood as the product of unfamiliar or strenuous physical activity, and eccentric ...
The extent of, and recovery from, damage was evaluated by the following established ... that
supplementation with Cr would reduce muscle damage and restore muscle strength ...

Voice symptoms of call-centre customer service advisers experienced during a work-day and effects of a short vocal training course

L Lehto, P Alku, T Bäckström… - Logopedics phoniatrics …, 2005 - Taylor & Francis
... Titze (46) remarks that athletes need recovery from strenuous physical activity. Similarly, recovery
is needed also by voice users after speaking extensively because they can be considered ...
problems are thought to reduce their severity and the time needed to recover from them. ...

Google Books

Content Sample


Essentials of Exercise Physiology - Page 219

Inline image 1
Rapid recovery ensues (fast component), and exercise can begin again after only a briefrecovery. ... For your INFORMATION Keep Moving in Recovery from Intense Exercise Activerecovery most likely facilitates lactate removal because ... Moderate exercise performed during recovery (active recovery) from strenuous physical activity facilitates recovery ... VO2max not * achieve the best marathon run 3.

Sports Nutrition: Fats and Proteins - Page 361

Inline image 2
Judy A. Driskell - 2007 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
16.2.4 CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE DURING RECOVERY Depletion of muscle glycogen content is a significant limitation to ... and training.25 Thus, repletion of muscle glycogen stores is a target for recovery from strenuous physical activity.

Complete Conditioning for Tennis, 2E: - Page 270

Inline image 3
The benefit of showering as a recovery option is that you can do it anywhere a shower is available. ... the past few years, partly because of research showing the benefits of compressive clothing to help recovery after strenuous physical activity.

Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance - Page 2

Inline image 4
Good nutrition can also help competitive or recreational athletes recover from strenuous physical activity: Refueling and ... Chapter 14 discusses methods for assessing both diet and fitness levels so that individual recommendations can be ...

Nursing Care Planning Guides, Set 5 - Page 49

Inline image 6
... these symptoms should be reported to physician immediately; treatment includes blood transfusions & immediate splenectomy: – advise pt. to avoid rough-housing, strenuous physical activity, & competitive sports until recovery is complete, ...

Muscle Building Guide for Beginners: 14 Essential Tips for ...

Inline image 7
If used properly, this therapeutic tool will serve immediate effects on muscle recovery and restoration. Other notable methods of reducing muscle aches and fatigue after exercise are ice baths, cold showering and hydrotherapy. ... This is an extremely effective method of easing the muscle pain and soreness after intense physical activity. You can ... Whether it's the practice of foam rolling, hydrotherapy, ice baths or just taking a cold shower; find arecovery plan that's best suitable for you.

Nutrient Composition of Rations for Short-Term, High-Intensity ...

Inline image 8
Rationale for the Level of Carbohydrate Carbohydrate Needs for Intense Physical Activity. ... The amount of carbohydrate that others have recommended for athletes is 60–70 percent of total energy intake ... It has been suggested, however, that the daily recovery amount of carbohydrate for athletes be expressed in grams ...

Tappan's Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques: Classic, Holistic, ...

Inline image 10
Frances M. Tappan, ‎Patricia J. Benjamin - 1998 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions
Classic, Holistic, and Emerging Methods Frances M. Tappan, Patricia J. Benjamin ...Recovery. To enhance physical and mental recovery from strenuous physical activity • Remedial. To improve a debilitating condition • Rehabilitation.

Recovery for Performance in Sport

Inline image 9
Christophe Hausswirth, ‎Iñigo Mujika, ‎Institut National Du Sport et de l'Education Physique (France - 2012 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
The demands ofsuch training and competitive stimuli are normally large, and the importance of recovery to ensure adequate adaptation ... Accordingly, itis recommended thatthe postexercise recovery phase provide conditionsconducive forhighquality sleep toensure sufficient and ... Intense physical activity leads tosignificant increases inphysiological andcognitive demands, which maythen require ...


Prepare for the Worst, Plan for the Best: Disaster Preparedness and ...

Inline image 11
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Small Businesses Donna R. Childs. prepare for high winds and rain. I remember when Hurricane Gloria struck the New England states. I was a college student and the then dean advised us to ...

Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Personal Development, Health and Physical ...

Inline image 12
Knowing what and how much to eat, as well as when to eat, will enable the body to performintense physical activity. The last significant meal should be eaten 3-4 hours prior to the event. It should contain at least 100 grams of carbohydrates, ...

Sport in American Culture: From Ali to X-games - Page 157

Inline image 13
HAMILTON, SCOTT SCOVELL (1958–) “Figure skater extraordinaire” best describes the multitalented entertainer, Stars on Ice showman, ... His recovery was attributed to the effects of intense physical activity in the cold atmosphere of the rink.

Netter's Sports Medicine - Page 98

Inline image 15
Delay in appropriate evaluation may contribute to injury chronicity, complicated rehabilitation, and delayed recovery. • Initial management of acute ... Alternative trainingmethods should be recommended. Pharmacotherapy • Nonsteroidal ...

Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery: A Small Business Guide

Inline image 14
The following are recommended steps to protect people from harm during a heat wave: • Refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activity. • Remain indoors to the extent possible. If air conditioning is not available, move personnel to the ...

Equine Reproduction

Inline image 18
Angus O. McKinnon, ‎Edward L. Squires, ‎Wendy E. Vaala - 2011 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
There is anecdotal evidence that performance mares in training may have reduced embryorecovery rates. This may be, in part, due to the fact that some mares will have a significant increase in body temperature during strenuous physical activity. ... recovery. The basicmethods used for embryo recovery and identification have been described previously.14 In general, this is accomplished by three or four ...

Essential Concepts for Healthy Living Update - Page 300

Inline image 17
Cooling down facilitates the circulation of blood, especially in the leg muscles, enabling the body to recover from intense physical activity. To warm up the entire body before engaging in a vigorous physical activity, you can walk at an easy ...

Essential Concepts for Healthy Living - Page 300

Inline image 16
Cooling down facilitates the circulation of blood, especially in the leg muscles, enabling the body to recover from intense physical activity. To warm up the entire body before engaging in a vigorous physical activity, you can walk at an easy ...

Tendon Injuries: Basic Science and Clinical Medicine - Page 246

Inline image 20
Nicola Maffulli, ‎Per Renstrom, ‎Wayne B. Leadbetter - 2005 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Such effects might include stress responses, or immune responses, to strenuous physical activity. ... The number of repetitions, and the recovery time after loading, also may play a role in tendon disorders. ... Type of Force A tendon may be subjected to compressive, tensile, or shear force, but is best suited to withstand ...

Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness - Page 367

Inline image 19
Try different drinks at 6 to 8 percent glucose concentration to see which drink you toleratebest and suits your tastes as well. ... Drinks high in fructose or with a glucose concentration greater than 8 percent are not recommended because they slow ... On the average, after a regular meal, you should wait about 2 hours before participating in strenuous physical activity. ... For intense workouts, consuming carbohydrates with some protein appear to help optimize development and recovery.



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