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Searching a Difficult Topic: Blind Psychiatrists



Searching a Difficult Topic: Blind Psychiatrists

Here is the text of my search process for finding information pertinent
to blind psychiatrists.

" I have a request for a search on blind psychiatrists. That is psychiatrists that are legally blind, as opposed to doctors treating the blind etc. So far I am getting the latter. Any suggestions on how to approach this search? Any help, clues, words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you."


You certainly have a search topic on your hands that is laden with difficulties and traps. In pursuing search results on this topic I do strongly suggest two important skills, before I get into specifics, first patience, secondly a good sense of humor for the false hits you will get. For example you will find articles about color blind psychiatrists. <g>

I did find some sources.

A search of all the EBSCOHost databases we own using this strategy:

(blind w0 psychiatrist) OR (blind w0 psychiatrists) OR (visually w0 impaired w0 psychiatrist) OR (visually w0 impaired w0 psychiatrists)

Found only 5 results and only one that appears remotely relevant from one of the great repositories of scholarly research, People Magazine, a vintage edition at that.

A question of vision.

By: Rist, Curtis; Sandler, Barbara. People. 6/24/1996, Vol. 45 Issue 25, p52. 3p

A search of Google Web Search with the SITE: PUBMED

("blind psychiatrist" OR "blind psychiatrists" OR "visually impaired psychiatrist" OR "visually impaired psychiatrists") AND SITE: PUBMED

finds 47 results including.

Clinical and methodological factors related to reliability of the best-estimate diagnostic procedure.
Roy MA1, Lanct G, Mette C, Cliche D, Fournier JP, Boutin P, Rodrigue C, Charron L, Turgeon M, Hamel M, Montgrain N, Nicole L, Pir A, Wallot H, Ponton AM, Garneau Y, Dion C, Lavall JC, Potvin A, Szatmari P, Maziade M.

Looks irrelevant but the Methods Section includes this statement:

Three best-estimate diagnoses were derived: first, by a research psychiatrist and research assistant unblind to the relatives' diagnoses; second, by two blind independent psychiatrists; third, by a panel of four blind psychiatrists.

Unfortunately it would seem that blind independent psychiatrists has much more to do statistical methods than physical visual disabilities in this case.


This news article from Google News Archive, such as it is now, may also be of interest


Patient's Voice Revealing, Says Blind Psychiatrist

from the Free Lance Star of October 24, 1987


Reflections on Adaptation in Scientific and Medical Education - Dr. Tim Cordes

42 Minute Video

Referred from a Twitter Tweet

Video Fri: Blind Psychiatrist Dr. Tim Cordes on his experience of navigating medical school at AHEAD Conference 2015

on what appears to be a blog named Ahead Ireland


Careers for Blind People in the Medical Field
by Linda Ray, Demand Media Google
Houston Chronicle Chron


Google Web Search Finds These:

A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability: A Doctor's ...
Elaine Leong Eng - 2012 - ?Medical
Previously, I had been on shortterm missions trips, where generally as a blind psychiatrist I had felt useful about 25 to 30 percent of the time. In Thailand, it was ...

A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability: A Doctor's Story
Author Elaine Leong Eng
Publisher Routledge, 2012
ISBN 113680627X, 9781136806278
Length 148 pages


International Conference with focus on Universal Design for Learning
Post 14 of 2258
Education Matters
Tim Cordes is one of the presenters

Keynote speakers

Dr. David Rose, a founding member of the Universal Design for Learning movement
Dr Tim Cordes ignored the naysayers to become one of the few sightless doctors in the US.

Dr Tim Cordes ignored the naysayers to become one of the few sightless doctors in the US.

Dr. Tim Cordes, a blind psychiatrist whose universally designed course enabled him to thrive and succeed in a demanding college environment.


Google Books


Some interesting cccurances of blind psychiatrists within the books and
some false drops.


Google Scholar

117 results Including:

The Americans with Disabilities Act: II. Implications and suggestions for compliance for medical schools.
D Essex-Sorlie - Academic Medicine, 1994 -
... He said the refusal reflected a "disturbing display from an institution that claims to be one of the
most innovative medical resources in the world." Judge Gaul chided Case Western for failing
to contact Dr. David Hartman, a blind psychiatrist who graduated from Temple Medical ...
Cited by 17 Related articles All 4 versions Web of Science: 6 Cite Save More


Hartman, D. W., & Hartman, C. W. (2008). Reflections on the Outcome of Admitting a Blind Student into Medical School. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 87(9), 776-778.



Temple Summon Search

"blind psychiatrist" OR "blind psychiatrists" OR "visually impaired psychiatrist" OR "visually impaired psychiatrists"

Titles in search results like these make one just fall in love with that great concept of automatic plurals, NOT

"Pursuing treatments that are not evidence based: How DSM IV clarifies, how it blinds psychiatrists to issues in need of investigation"

221 results

Book / eBook (62)
Book Chapter (1)
Book Review (11)
Dissertation (5)
Government Document (1)
Journal Article (42)
Magazine Article (11)
Newsletter (2)
Newspaper Article (89)
Reference (1)


8 Blinded
by Dix, Elizabeth
New Statesman & Society, 05/1988
A poem about a person's encounter with a blind psychiatrist is offered.
Magazine Article:
Available Online


PUBMED search on this topic


My growing Statitics Research Guide that now covers in the Government section

Now covers about 40 Federal Government agencies with about 19 database search links for each agency name and terms for statistics.

These searches can be modified on the left side with search terms for specific topics.

Consider the Google Scholar search for this agency

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


The Search Link

(statistical OR statistics OR data OR demography OR demographics) AND "Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality"

Add these phrases to this search strategy


(DISABILITY OR DISABILITIES OR DISABLED) AND (statistical OR statistics OR data OR demography OR demographics) AND "Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality"

About 24,100 results

including titles like these:

Barriers and drivers of health information technology use for the elderly, chronically III, and underserved

Untangling the concepts of disability, frailty, and comorbidity: implications for improved targeting and care

Systematic review: factors associated with risk for and possible prevention of cognitive decline in later life

The characteristics of long-term care users


In other words the searches in the Government Agency section of the Statistics Research guide can be used as building blocks for topic specific searches for sources of statistics or use of the agency's data and statistics in research elsewhere for granular subjects or topics.


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