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Welcome to Spellstów, the official newsletter of the Wínland Ríce of Théodish Belief. The newsletter’s name, Spellstów is itself an Old English word meaning “a place (OE: stów) where news (OE: spell) is abanned (announced).” As one might well fathom from such a name, Spellstów serves as the means by which the Ríce, its théods, guilds, and halls, “abanns its spells” to its friends throughout heathendom.

Spellstów is published quarterly at Solmónaþ (February), Þrimilce (May), Weodmónaþ (August), and Blótmónaþ (November) and includes articles and abannings from Géring Théod (New York), the Ealdríce Théod (Virginia), Hræfnscír Théod (British Columbia), and Æppeldor Heall (Tasmania).

Be sure to visit Spellstów's website at https://spellstow.org/ for the magazine itself.

Also, be sure to check out Háliggyld Books at https://haliggyld.org/ for additional Théodish publications and information on Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief (Théodism).

Note: Subscription to this online newsletter imparts neither membership
nor affiliation with the Wínland Ríce, its théods, healls, or guilds, however informal.

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