Update on upcoming Luckin PBS FLORIDA TRAINS program

seth h. bramson



As you may know, our long-time friend, Richard Luckin, has produced the wonderful PBS specials on the Cal Zephyr, Super Chief, 20th Century Limited and Grand Central Terminal and is now ready to have the great actor, Michael Gross, begin work on the voice-over for the upcoming “Selling Sunshine:  The Florida Trains” special.


This will be a very exciting program and although some months away I will try to keep you updated when possible.  Richard spoke to many people in preparation for this great event, including, among others Bill Howes, Gary Riccio, Larry Goolsby, Jim Herron, Dr. Charlie Dunn, Uncle Joe Oates, Jonathan Nelson, Altman & Miller, Al Langley and no few others.  (Forgive me for not including everybody, not intentional but just can’t remember every single person)


Rich spent two full days here at The Bramson Archive filming “stuff” and just returned the box I sent him with 86 more pieces.  Additionally, I have sent him probably 50 or 60 scans and am shipping another 30 or so pieces out to him in Golden in next day or so, and I expect this to be the best of all he has done as he has gotten some marvelous moving picture footage to use along with the stills and the interviews.


I don’t know if, when the time comes, I will have the complete schedule, but, and if I don’t and you know when it will be shown in your local market (again, some months away) please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Will try to keep you posted with updates.  Incidentally, I think Kalmbach (“Trains” Magazine and others) has provided major funding for the special.