THE big Florida show is next weekend!

seth h. bramson

All-right, boys and goys, let’s listen up here and pay attention ‘cause the BIG one, Florida biggest and most important railroad and trolley memorabilia show and toy and model train display is NEXT WEEKEND,  (This takes nothing away from the great shows in Tampa and Deland, or the smaller shows in Cocoa and Stuart, but lemme tell you, kids, Jacksonville is truly “the big one!”) at the Prime Osborne Convention Center, former Jacksonville Union Terminal.


Set up next Friday, the 13th with early admit available (for full info, see below for contacts) and then the show on Saturday, 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM with hundreds of dealers (seriously) and not thousands but tens of thousands of piece of rail and traction memorabilia available PLUS, for the modelers and toy  train folks beaucoup and unending model stuff + great displays.


So y’all come and be sure to stop and say hello, especially to the beautiful and elegant Myrna, who, having had mitral valve repair, a sling put around her heart and femoral artery clean out is doing great and will be really happy this year to see so many of you.


As always, we will be there with our usual clinking, clanking, clattering collection of colliginous junque, including some great, great, great Jack Terminal material for you north Florida types along with much, much else, so whether you are buying or selling be sure to stop by and say “Hey!”


Looking forward to seeing most of you next Friday and Saturday at Prime Osborne Jacksonville for Florida’s largest rail and traction memorabilia and toy and model train show.


“Be there or be rotund!”  See you in Jacksonville next weekend!