SRHA 2016 Convention

Jason Greene

Below you will find the details of the Convention at Spencer. I hope that you will be able to join us. If for nothing else for the rare mileage trip on the AC&W from Star to Oakboro. This event is open to all members and non-members.
You can register at and making a purchase for each event at the Grab.
Please share with anyone you find appropriate.
Jason Greene
May 13, 14, and 15, 2016 Spencer, North Carolina
Come join the Southern Railway Historical Association as we re-visit a very strategic area for Southern Railway, Spencer Shops and the area around Salisbury, North Carolina. Spencer Shops, a key location for the Southern Railway, is also very strategic to the SRHA. The SRHA was started in a meeting room in the Master Mechanics office in 1986.
Now, come join us as we come back to the area, meet old friends and make new ones!
Slide Presentation presented by Greg Johnson at Spencer Shops in the Orientation Room in the Bob Julian Roundhouse.
Nighttime Photo Op at Spencer Shops.
Rare Mileage Excursion on the AC&W. We will travel by bus from the hotel in Salisbury to a shop tour of the AC&W, then a rare mileage excursion on the AC&W from Star to Oakboro, NC and return to Star. Lunch is provided. We will return to the hotel in plenty of time to attend the annual membership meeting and banquet at Spencer Shops.
Annual Membership Meeting and Meal for the announcement of the results election of Officers and updates on all SRHA projects. Guest speaker will be Terry Seaks and will detail his upcoming book about the Crescent.
Bus trip to Linwood Yard for a Shop Tour of the NS facilities there. We will return to the hotel shortly after Noon and adjourn the convention.
The Grab tables will be available Friday and Saturday until 10pm each night in Warehouse #4 (behind the Master Mechanics Office) at Spencer Shops.