Mr. Tim past 359.2 and a "heads-up" on upcoming book

seth h. bramson

At 6:25 PM.  Sorry for late report but was waiting for him before we went to dinner and, as always, so great to see the fellows and get the warm greeting.


Now, the “heads-up:” no contract signed yet but discussions are serious regarding something I have been working on for many years:  “SUNSHINE STATE TROLLIES:  The Street and Electric Railways of Florida..”


Sections for animal powered, battery powered, electrically powered, the phosphate region electric freight op’s, the “almost but not quite a trolley” lines such as the Melbourne Motor Railway and the Orlando & Winter Park Railway, “the dinky line” and, finally, the dock railways.


As usual and as always, as asking for YOUR help and inputs.  Any photos, maps, booklets, brochures or info of any kind would be greatly appreciated, so please contact me OFF list if  you have anything or know anybody who does.


Noel:  Your exclamation marks are upside down!!  ( : > ))  (Kidding, just kidding!)



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Ron said exactly what I intended to say but I hadn't got around to yet.  We are supposed to be enjoying ourselves on here,  not finding fault with others.   Let's be friends¡¡¡


Noel Weaver