Mr. Flagler's necrology

seth h. bramson



101 years ago, on this day in 1913, the single greatest name in the history of Florida, the legendary Henry Morrison Flagler died at Whitehall, his magnificent home in Palm Beach.


Mr. Flagler would have been remembered as one of the great American robber barons had he not come to Florida, but, fortunately for us, he did come to Florida, making his first trip to the Sunshine State in 1878, and it is for his contributions to and creation of The American Riviera and The Magic City, along with all else he did in and for Florida that he is remembered today.


Two days after Mr. Flagler’s death, every man, machine, locomotive and train on the Florida East Coast Railway stood still and at attention for ten minutes to honor the memory of Florida’s Empire Builder.


A personal note:  If you have heard my talk on the history of America’s most exciting railroad then you have heard me state that, indeed, I am married to the reincarnation of Henry Flagler.  As I say in the talk, “Mr. Flagler died on May 20, 1913 and Myrna was born on May 20th.  OH!  But not in 1913!     ( : > )).