Happily to report....

seth h. bramson

….that the final group of edits for IMAGES OF MODERN AMERICA: FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY which were sent to me by one of our editors at Arcadia has been taken care of, completed and returned to them.  Printing is scheduled to begin on April 30th and while the book will unhappily not be ready in time for our convention I will have a display and flyers available to our members and attendees.


Bob Pickering and so many more of you are well represented and the wonderful support of Mary Griffin and others at the railroad is gratefully acknowledged. I think that all of you will really be pleased with the finished product, and though I have said (written) it many times, thank you all again. At $22.99 + tax and shipping I really think, feel and believe that this book is and will be considered one of the great bargains in the history of railroad history publishing.