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seth h. bramson

I think pretty positive. For those who took advantage of the Society discount at Convention, books are not here yet; I will package and ship ASAP after they arrive, sometime the week of 6/28.


For those who are members and did not pre-order to take advantage of the discount and who are interested in doing so it is still available to you.  Pls email me OFF LIST for details.


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Thought you’d like to see the upcoming review from Railfan and Railroad Magazine.



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Florida East Coast Railway

Seth Bramson, Author

Arcadia Publishing, 420 Wando Park Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Phone: 1-844-882-1651 or Order Online at


96 pages, softbound, heavily illustrated with color photos, $22.99 plus $3.00 shipping (USA).

Mr. Florida East Coast Railway, also known as Seth Bramson, has come up with a really nice photographic overview of all things FEC. Seth has been the official historian of the Florida East Coast Railway for quite some time now and this book showcases his love for this most interesting and colorful railroad.

Starting out with a very informative introduction that sets the tone for what we are about to see and read, we then move on to chapter 1 and the history of the railroad. Henry Flagler played a large part in developing the FEC and a good part of Florida as well. His story is told here we learn why the FEC was created.

Chapter 2 talks about the Key West extension. If you've ever driven route 1 down to Key West you can't help but become interested in this most fascinating piece of railroad history. I can only imagine what it must of been like riding in the observation car of the Havana Special. This truly was the "railroad that went out to sea"!

Then it's on to the massive expansion in Florida of the 1920s, and the subsequent depression and the abandonment of the Key West extension after the Labor Day 1935 hurricane. The photographs here really show the railroad in its prime.

Chapter 4 covers the transition from steam to diesel and the streamliner fleet. There are some really sweet color photographs here that show off the FEC's red and yellow paint scheme. Moving on we read about the prolonged labor strike that started in January 1963 and basically led to a completely different railroad after the strike was settled.

Chapter 7 shows us the new FEC with most of its motive power in the absolutely stunning red and yellow paint scheme. The pride this railroad has for its employees and equipment is evident in each photograph. All too soon we wrap up this book with a look at the Brightline trains that have brought passenger service back to the railroad and a quick look at some of the executive staff that help make the railroad the success story it is today.

 If you haven't seen the FEC in person, you really do want to. It truly is a class act and this book gives you an excellent taste of what's to be seen when you go. Grab a copy and get trackside, you will be glad you did!