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seth h. bramson

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Don't forget, next Saturday, Dec. 14. We will also have 4 FECRS members
assisting as elfs on board the train.

Schedule posted again below. I will be an elf at St. Augustine
crossing (San Sebastian View) along with a few other employees.
David (ECH)

On 12/7/2013 8:09 AM, Seth Bramson wrote:
Obviously, I meant to write "Toys for TOTS!" (Fingers flying too fast!)

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Now, most importantly, pls don't forget, y'all, that NEXT Sat., the 14th,
our TOYS FOR TOTS train which will run from Bowden to Hialeah with Santa
and all his elves on board making a number of stops to give toys to the
little ones enroute. I will try to post the schedule. (Thank you, David, for posting same below!)
4th Annual Toys for Tots Christmas Train
Nov 22, 2013
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Florida East Coast
Railway (FEC) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2013 Toys
for Tots Christmas Train operating between Jacksonville and Miami on
Saturday, December 14, 2013.
FEC's Christmas Train offers its employees, their families, customers,
and suppliers an opportunity to contribute to the Toys for Tots program
in the communities along the east coast of Florida. This has become a
favored tradition of FEC employees in support of the communities where
they live.
In coordination with Toys for Tots, a contribution of toys will be
delivered to representatives in eight Florida cities by Santa who will
be on-board on the Christmas Train. Representatives of the United States
Marine Corps will be on hand at each stop to receive the donated toys
and distribute them to needy children in the local communities.
The Christmas Train will stop at the railroad crossings at the locations
listed below and all times are approximate
Jacksonville: Mussels Acres Road-West 7:10 AM
St. Augustine: San Sebastian View Crossing-East 8:10 AM
New Smyrna Beach: Canal St.-East 10:05 AM
City Point (Cocoa): Beau Geste Crossing-East 11:40 AM
Fort Pierce: Orange Avenue Crossing-West 1:25 PM
West Palm Beach: 36th Street Crossing-East 2:55 PM
Ft. Lauderdale SW 17th Street Crossing-West 4:20 PM
North Miami: NE 87th Street Crossing-West 5:10 PM
About Florida East Coast Railway
Florida East Coast Railway is a 351-mile freight rail system located
along the east coast of Florida and is the exclusive rail provider for
PortMiami, Port Everglades, and Port of Palm Beach. FEC connects to the
national railway system in Jacksonville, Florida, to move cargo
originating or terminating there. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, FEC
provides end-to-end intermodal solutions to customers who demand
cost-effective and premium quality. For more information, visit