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I have, the messages have been deleted from the archive and the original poster has been put on moderated status.
He no longer will be able to post a message unless myself or Seth or Hugh allow it.

And the messages should at least be about Southeastern Railroads

So please keep politics off our messages. Please.

We should be talking about things that make us happy, our Southern Railroads!


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If your post isn't about railroads, you're off the track. Moderator should stop this thread.

seth h. bramson

John and friends:

As one of your list moderators I must ask that ANY political discussion on
this list cease immediately.

Neither this nor any other of our history lists are the places for
expounding on our political views and neither my progressive beliefs nor
anybody else who feels any other way should be putting them on here. They
simply do not belong on this list.

I hope and trust that we are all in concurrence and I respectfully remind
you all that this wonderful list, owned by the great Don Hensley, is for
discussions of Southeast rail history only, with an occasional current (rail
or traction) event thrown in.

Please, no more political discussion.

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You forgot the judicial and executive branches in your proposal. They must
not be any more exempt than legislators. I agree that the self serving
bastards must go, but considering how slick the current leaders are at
twisting the law, ignoring the law, and just selecting which laws are to be
enforced, I'm not at all comfortable allowing that much power inthe hands
of people that I can't and don't trust. There are those that crave power and
the wielding of it to the detriment of all of us.. The current practitioners
are too corrupt to be allowed that sniff.
John C. Willis
Mobile, Al

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