[fecrailwayhistory] Talk on history of FEC, Tuesday 3/3

seth h. bramson



I should have asked those of you in Martin and I. R. Counties to make a special effort to invite your county commissioners as well as anybody who has been poisoned by the NAAF nonsense.  I have the antidote for them and they will learn that, not having anything to do with religion:  TRUTH SAVES and I will save them from themselves and the total and complete LIES that they have not only been subjected to but have embraced as truth, none of them being anywhere near that nasty word.



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If you are available and interested we would be delighted if you could and would join us at the New Smyrna Beach History Museum for “THE FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY:  FOR ALMOST 120 YEARS AMERICA’S SPEEDWAY TO SUNSHINE.”


Sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution as part of their “America at Work” series and hosted by the Museum, I believe the talk is scheduled for 1:30 PM on Tuesday, March 3rd.  If the time is incorrect I will let you know.


Myrna and I will be arriving some time on Monday and, of course, always delighted to see everybody, and, as always, buying anything FEC or predecessors and anything Florida so this will be a great time to convert all that junque into cash!


Hope to see many of you on the 2nd and/or the 3rd and please spread the word.  (The Museum is about a block north of Canal Street in NSB but I will have to get you the street name and exact address and will send that shortly or, of course, you can google New Smyrna Beach History Museum.