FEC Santa train coming <was> Amtrak 91 today

seth h. bramson

....Danny is not kidding. Its like the "old" days when engineers were known for their "musical" abilities with the steam whistles. A number of our wonderful train operators have their followings, people turning out almost every trip to greet David Shelley and his conductor, Jim, Tim Walker, Mark and several of the other fellows. We have two relatively new buffs who have just fallen in love with the FEC and are out there greeting and video-ing almost every train, and, of course, no trip is complete without the crews getting greeted by Anita and Mikey Caboose, Ron, Noel and the rest of the gang along with way. It really is almost astounding but it is also great positive PR for a great railroad.

Now, most importantly, pls don't forget, y'all, that NEXT Sat., the 14th, is our TOYS FOR TOOTS train which will run from Bowden to Hialeah with Santa and all his elves on board making a number of stops to give toys to the little ones enroute. I will try to post the schedule.

We invite you to contribute by sending unused toys in original boxes or checks made out to FEC Toys for Tots to FEC Railway, 7150 Phillips Highway, Jacksonville, FL (I have to look up the zip code) OR by bringing either or both to the train where you will be warmly welcomed. Best of all, rumors have it that the two units will be one of the breast cancer awareness units and one of the magnificent red and yellow original paint scheme Champion units, so please try to join us somewhere along the way.

As I have each year, I will be at NE 87th Street in El Portal to greet the train in full conductor's uniform, which everybody also enjoys seeing. Hope that some of you can make it. It really is worth a trip to the east coast to see this train which will have our generator car, the Azalea and the St. Augustine as part of the consist.

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Looks like he had two PV's on the bottom.
Plenty of toots and waves through town. Almost to an FEC level. -:))