Complete story and more photos

Tom Fetters

A much broader story is in Logging Railroads of the Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains, Volume1 by Tom Fetters.  See page 165 for a Dicky & Campbell 0-4-0 Cooke locomotive at Black Mountain. 

Page 166 has Perley & Crocket Climax #5 on Mount Mitchell with log train, and an American log loader.  

Page 167 has a full map of the Mount Mitchell trackage from Black Mountain up to Rainbow Gap, Lookout Mountain, Long Gap, Pot Cove Gap, Bald Knob, Black Mountain Gap, Potatoe Knob, Stepps Gap and Camp Alice, plus the track up from the west side to Balsam Gap Line and Camp Alice.  

Page 168 has Dickey & Campbell American log loader in action and P&C #1 on dual gauge track at Mount Mitchell engine house.  

Page 169 has a train of three Log cars and two American Hoist & Derrick cars in transit , and P&C #3 with a rack car.

Page 170 has a log train on the mountain, and P&C #3 with no headlight in service. 

Page171 has Camp Alice with a train, and P&C #5 descending to Black Mountain with log train.  

Page172 has a detailed map of the P&C Westside Line to Knob Ridge and the East Side Line to Maple Camp Ridge

Page173 has a man breaking the ice in water tower to fill a Climax tender, and the Alco-Cooke #6 at BlackMountain with freight cars.   

Page174 P&C Climax #8 at work with a loader, plus the P&C tourist train at the Southern Railway transfer in Black Mountain.

Page175 has a roster of the locomotives of D&C and P&C as well as a photo of cars1,2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in order ascending the mountain.  

Page 176 has cars1, 2, and 3 heading up a switchback, as well as a retouched photo of a train at Rainbow Gap. 

Page177 has three cars on a siding at Camp Alice showing details of the camp, plus a tourist train stopped at a switchback where the forest is clear cut. 

Page178 has an ad for the Mount Mitchell Railroad 

That's 13 pages of the history of the two companies and the last year of the Tourist Railroad.  

The 264 page book details the logging lines from White Top up in Virginia down to Asheville and then east toward Old Fort, plus a section on Appalachian Lumber Company that ran from Pickens, SC up to near Estatoe GAp on the Eastern Continental Divide.  

Check it out.  

Tom Fetters


Are you ever going to do a third book in this series? Or has that idea died with Timber Times?

Brian Rumary

Stephen Flynt

Tom, I enjoyed your book, I only wish there were some more photographs in north Georgia (I don't have a copy in front of me but I believe there were only one or two roster shots around Helen and some of the Georgia Power spurs to the dams under construction).  Are there just not many photographs around of the logging railroads in Georgia?