John Willis

Tom and Stephen,
I am interested in purchasing the book as well. I too would love to see photos of that area. I was eight years old in 1953 when my dad moved the family to Gainesville, Ga. to take he job of Realty specialist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. dad's main job was overseeing the purchase of land and properties ( he bought most of it - even under gunfire in a few cases where owners were not happy that the government was taking their land ) that would be covered or impacted by Lake Lanier ( Buford Dam already under construction. ) We lived at 604 N. Green Street in the house that Dr. Hulsey's family had owned for many decades at that point. It was torn down in the late sixties and another Dr.'s office. I have great memories from our time here including riding with my dad to farms, work sites, and other places around that area. Gainesville Midland was still running steam at tea time and my mom and I rose a mixed a couple times to Atlanta to catch either a Southern or L&N train to Mobile.
 I've been back several times with wife and kids when they were young and of course when living there in the fifties went all over north Ga., Tennessee, and North and South Carolina. Train pictures of the area in that time would be most welcome. I have family photos of course, but none of trains. I was after all young and far more interested in Aircraft at the time, VBG.

John C. Willis