A note of caution

seth h. bramson



There is yet another Unmarked FEC Mistic pattern plate on ebay.  Please remember:  if it isn’t (wasn’t) marked for our railroad it wasn’t and isn’t FEC.  Mistic and the other, similar patterns are stock patterns and you can go into used china stores almost anywhere in the country and find unmarked Mistic (and many other) patterns.  And, as I later learned with certainty after Mr. Luckin’s great book on railroad dining car china came out, there were NO orders for china which were made without the backstamp by the FEC.


Remember: it is the same issue as with the Key West Extension terminology.  You can make up anything you want (“Overseas” vs. the correct term “Oversea” or “Over-the-Sea,” but the former is still wrong.)  As I learned from my great law professor at FIU, Elio Bellucci, “A thing is not what you say it is or what you want it to be:  it is what it is” and using the incorrect word, phrase or term endlessly still does not make it right or correct. It is still wrong.