[FECrailway] Message from FEC president Jim Hertwig

seth h. bramson

Thanks, David, and want to add my good wishes for a wonderful convention.  It looks as if everything is going along marvelously.  Congratulations to our great committee.

On another--historic--note.  A few days ago I concluded negotiations with the family of long ago (circa 1909) superintendent McDonald in regard to their turning over to The Bramson Archive his to this point publicly unknown collection of 1910 South Jacksonville accident photos, Key West Extension construction photos and several other miscellaneous photos including about six that look like they might have been taken in Havana harbor, a total of 160 images.  About 80% are reproducible, about 20% are either too grainy or too indistinct to reproduce, however.

We have, or have seen, about 10% of them but the rest are completely new to us, and, I think, will not duplicate either what is in the Monroe County Public Library, History Miami or Flagler Museum as I believe that these were taken by Mr. McDonald.  There are a good few post either 1909 or 1910 hurricane damage photos which, like the majority of the rest, including a number of view at Knight's Key as well as others I have not seen before.

Again, enjoy the convention, and, as always, STAY SAFE!

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Just a note to FECRS members Jim Hertwig.
David (ECH)

No I am out of town, give everyone my best


> On Sep 27, 2014, at 8:50 AM, David wrote:
> Good morning,
> Just wondering if you were in town (Jax) today. FECRS is having their
> Bowden tour and Azalea rides between 12:30p & 3:00p and was wondering if
> you would be around when they tour the Bowden yard offices.
> --
> David M. Shelley