Fw: [FECrailway] Train Exhibit at Ft.L Library

seth h. bramson

With many and great thanks, Tom!
Lillian has advised us that this has been one of the most popular exhibits that they have ever had at the Library and we really, truly, do hope that, if you haven't seen it, you will make every effort to make the trip.
And a semi-personal "P.S:"  Boston Mills Press/Firefly has just advised me that "Speedway to Sunshine" is the single best selling (pls note the disclaimer word) REGIONAL railroad history every published in America, with 11,000 copies sold prior to the publication of the soft cover edition, of which they have now sold well over another 1,000 copies.
ALL of us should be proud that our relatively very small railroad has attracted the national interest that it has and I thank all of you for all you all have done to "spread the word," both about the book and about America's most exciting railroad.

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Good news! The Great Days of Rail Travel on the Florida East Coast will run till April 22nd.


The exhibit has been enormously popular, so the Broward County Library has decided to extend the show at the Main Library in downtown Fort Lauderdale thru Tuesday, April 22nd.




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