I would appreciate YOUR help, folks....

seth h. bramson

Dear friends:

ALL ABOARD FLORIDA can use a bit of assistance in getting congressional backing for its great project and WE are the people who can help to make it happen.

 If you live in Congressman Patrick Murphy’s district (or for that matter, anywhere in Florida) I am hoping and asking that each of you will reach out to him and express your support for AAF.  He is meeting with U.S. DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx on Monday about AAF, and we want to ensure Congressman Murphy doesn’t hear from only the naysayers. Here’s some sample text but please feel free to edit as needed, and, as always, with great and sincere thanks.  (I have already spoken to both Ms. Soule and Mr. Cumber about properly preparing for the inaugural runs as well as other issues that will very positively affect the railfan community, so, again, if you want to help make this happen, this is a perfect opportunity).

The paragraph immediately below can be sent to any of your friends who support AAF but are not on these lists, and, of course, you can edit as necessary:

“Dear passenger rail supporter, if you live in Congressman Patrick Murphy’s district, we need your help in sending a message to him in support of All Aboard Florida.  A small but vocal group of people opposed to bringing passenger rail back to the east coast are sending messages to Congressman Murphy saying passenger rail is not wanted.  I know that is wrong because I have been engaged with supporters, like you, who are looking forward to reestablishing passenger rail.  A majority of Treasure Coast citizens support passenger rail and opportunity that AAF presents for providing future service along our coast and eventually throughout Florida.

Congressman Murphy has asked for input in advance of a meeting he is having next week with U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  Please call or email him today with your message of support. 

I’ve include some suggested language below, but feel free to include your own message.   Congressman Murphy’s phone and email contacts information are also below.

Consider something like this, but, and again, feel free to edit in a positive manner as you see fit.

“Dear Congressman Murphy,

I want to express my strong support for the proposed All Aboard Florida passenger rail system. As our state’s population continues to grow, we must look for ways to move people throughout our region and the state and maintain our quality of life. All Aboard Florida will be a major solution to solving our region’s current and future mobility problems.

It’s important that with any transportation project, especially one as important as All Aboard Florida, that you look toward mitigating the impacts rather than stopping the project, which will have enormous positive and beneficial effects on Florida in general and the east coast of our great state in particular and I hope you will discuss this in your meeting with Secretary Foxx.

This is probably our only chance for passenger rail along the east coast. We should celebrate that it’s being implemented by the private sector, and encourage the public sector not to lose sight of this important fact but to help expedite the process so it can come to fruition that much faster and I will very much appreciate your support of and for All Aboard Florida and its plan to bring rail passenger service back to the east coast.

Regards (or Sincerely),


Please send to:  Congressman Patrick Murphy

Washington DC Phone:  202-225-3026

Martin County Phone: Phone: 772-781-3266

St. Lucie County Phone: 772-489-0736

Email Form:

Mailing Address:

1517 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515