F L L exhibit update

seth h. bramson

Wanted to bring you up to date on THE GREAT DAYS OF RAIL TRAVEL ON THE FLORIDA EAST COAST exhibit which will open on October 1st with the grand opening reception on October 9th, same sponsored by FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY.
As you know, the exhibit will be at the Bienes Museum of the Modern Book on the 6th floor of the main Broward County Library in downtown FLL and the Oct. 9th event will begin at 5:30 PM with a welcome by FEC Vice President and General Counsel Robert Ledoux, followed by my brief talk on the history of FEC passenger train service and then a greeting and welcome from our friends at AAF.
YOU ARE ALL WARMLY AND CORDIALLY INVITED to join us for the grand opening on Oct. 9th.
As soon as I receive approval from the PR folks I will send you the publicity and the exhibit poster, same nothing short of stunningly beautiful.  No, won't tell you what it is but I know you will be as thrilled as I am with it.  Lillian Perricone at the library has done an incredible job for us.
A special note of thanks is due to Jonathan Nelson, Jerry Groothouse, Tom Bryne and John Bovinette for either making items available for the exhibit or offering same.  In addition, the Florida Citrus Model Railroad Club will have a display of FEC models which will bring even greater interest  to the public.
There will be a series of public events during the course of the exhibit including two talks by this writer, two talks by Jonathan Nelson, a presentation by Operation Life Saver and one or more talks and/or presentations by our model railroader friends, so it is not just an "opening night shindig" event, but, rather, a major six month exhibit on the history of America's most exciting railroad.
Once you receive the publicity and the poster we will certainly appreciate your sharing it with all of your and our fellow railroad buffs and local historians as this is not only a major (six month) exhibit but is the first large FEC exhibit since the 1996 Centennial exhibits and the 2012 Key West Centennial exhibit and I think, feel and believe that it will be an exhibit and display that we all can be proud of since we are all connected, in some way or another, to the railroad which has done so much for all of us.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
As ever,