FW: Charlie Harkleroad Passed Away Last Night . . .

Frank Greene

I don't think this announcement has been noted on the groups, but I suspect a lot of folks here remember Charlie.  He volunteered on Southern Steam Specials in the 1970s, where he earned his nickname "Black Cloud", and New Georgia RR in the '80s.

Charlie’s memorial service will be August 24th at 1pm.

Valley Brook Baptist Church
1198 North Valley Brook Rd.
Decatur,Ga. 30033

Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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on August 12th at Emory Hospital.  Plans had been put in place for Hospice Atlanta to come to our home starting 8/13.  But an event--a heart attack or stroke--moved us down a different path.


Charlie had not been himself or able to speak since returning from the hospital on Saturday.  He was eating and drinking very little--not enough to sustain him.  The hope was to have hospice help us comfort Charlie as his body was essentially shutting down as we had been told by his doctors. 


We had cared for him all weekend, trying to get him to eat a few bites or sip water, but to no avail.  We had periodically moved him in the bed to ensure that he not develop bed sores and to rest in a different position.  We were doing one of these moves, when Charlie reacted as if having a stroke or being in distress.  We had not yet come under hospice and thus called 911 for help.  They briefly resuscitated him, and carried him to the Emory ER.  But when we arrived there, we were told that he was very sick and most likely the meds and ventilator were keeping him alive. 


We knew that Charlie would not want that kind of existence and asked that no extraordinary efforts be made on his behalf.  He died with us at his side about 11 o'clock.  The love of my life is gone.


Charlie's wish to be cremated will be honored.  There will most likely not be a visitation, but we hope to schedule a memorial service at our church.  Susan and I will discuss details and share them with you as we decide.


I thank you all for the constant prayer, the help, the cards and calls that kept us going through the past months.  Charlie was loved by his friends and I was lucky enough to fall in love with Charlie.  I am so sorry to have to send you this overwhelming news, but I can only thank God for my mate, my best friend, my partner and each day I was able to share with him.


Love, Shelia