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seth h. bramson

Almost half of the front page in today’s Myamuh Herald is a very positive AAF article.  Pls take a look.


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Subject: [Amtrak/FEC Corridor Coalition - Passenger Rail in Florida] I find it interesting that after the las...


Mark Frazier

Mark Frazier

2:31am Oct 7

I find it interesting that after the last meeting in Daytona Beach when Amtrak said they could not commit to a date when they could bring passenger service to the FEC, community leaders have fallen strangely silent on this issue. Since that time we have seen Sunrail begin service and All aboard Florida making great progress toward getting passenger service going. So I ask what are community leaders along the FEC doing to explore other options with rail passenger service?

In Stuart we see the community doing all they can to derail All Aboard Florida. This effort is being leas by a small vocal group if misinformed people spreading fear.

In St Augustine the North Florida TPO spent money for a study to find the best site for an Inter-model hub. The findings of that study were left open ended with no action. The City Commission passed a resolution to support commuter rail between Jacksonville and St. Augustine working with JTA. That now also appears to have become a dead end with James Boyle taking a job in Alaska.

What is happening in other communities along the FEC? Have any of the leaders stepped up to the plate to see what can be done to get passenger rail services for their communities? The time is not to get on board and make something happen. Could it simply be that this is an election year and these elected officials are more interested in being on the campaign trail than they are interested in finishing the job they were elected to do in the first place?

Passenger rail service is happening on the FEC with All Aboard Florida it is time that our community leaders open their eyes and get on board and make sure our communities are ready.

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