Jack show report

seth h. bramson

If you weren't there, you should have been.
Big crowd, and while not our best selling show, the "stuff," as usual, turns up and the "stuff" this year, for us, was nothing short of great including a Jack, St. Aug & Halifax River pre Flagler purchase issued stock certif, only second one I've ever seen; great negs and photos, the photos of FEC and other roads, the negs all traction; a super ACL poster; numerous booklets and brochures and several service and safety pins.
Lots of great stuff there, folks, and, of course, wonderful to see "the gang" from FEC, the Shelley family, Jim Misskelley, Mark and many of the other fellows.  The "gang" from the ACL & SAL H. S. there in force, Uncle Joe, President Riccio, Brother Goolsby and more; from C of Ga H. S. Mr. Tuten and company and so many others including Brother Hanson, Sid Suggs, Wes Coscia, Elvis and "the usual suspects."
If the knee replacement goes as well as I think it will (in May) then I really do expect to expand my Florida shows itinerary and want to start doing Deland and Tampa, so we'll see after the surgery.
Meantime, "support your local shows!"

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