South Bend Lathes 9N and 10K also 9K & 8

Group on 9 and 10K lathes
Join us! Share your ideas, experiences, projects, repairs, restoration, and fixes on the South Bend 9", 9K, 9N, 8", 10K & 10L (Heavy 10) lathes


If sitting around the Potbelly stove on a cold winter day while talking about lathes and shop related topics appeals to you please join us. Some times we're just getting to know each other better. So relax and enjoy the warm fire and good times.


*** Please keep everything you post PG for family viewing ***

* * * Manuals and Information FAQ
Other groups and site on lathes South Bend clones<>Hercus is an Australian built version of the South Bend 9 inch


English Boxford Model AUD also Sheraton (Australian) The English Smart & Brown "Sabel" 4.5"x18 (9x36)Moody Lathe of (Canada), Blomqvist and Storebro(Sweden), Joinville (German), Sanches Blanes (Brazil), Boffelli & Finazzi (Argentina),Maquuinas (Mexico) for more info on clones goto

Other groups on metal working

Foundry how to set up a home foundry and patterns.


Lathe Running , VIDEOS on running lathes and projects with lathes


Logan Lathe


Milling  projects with mills


Drill Mill how to and manuals for small mills


South Bend Lathes Manuals


America Lathe




Generators Home power, backup for power outages



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