Hello to the new group

Paul R. Hvidston <p.hvidston@...>

Great timing for this group. Last Saturday (12/16/00) I snagged an old (50s
?) 9" x 18" SB Precision Lathe Model A, SN 101025. I'm in the process of
learning about the specific vintage and how best to clean, restore and enjoy
this fine lathe. All help gratefully accepted.

I'd like to request that anybody with pointers to web sites, wisdom,
experience, etc. concerning the 9-inch SB please share them with the group.
If this group grows to even a fraction of the 7x10minilathe@...
egroup, we'll have a wonderful resource.

I've included a picture of my lathe, minus the floor-standing motor
pedestal. I'll be posting more pictures on the web as I work on this gem.
Maybe we can start off with pictures of our lathes in the file area of this
group since there's probably plenty of space right now.

Many questions coming up...

Paul R. Hvidston
Upland, CA