Heavy 10 Tailstock Pin Replacement update

mike allen

        here's what I just got from Steve Wells about tailstocks

It's common on the letter series lathes and Workshop lathes that have the rib cast in the front.
If the 286 part number is listed, that is the pressed in round key. This key could be ground to a few different widths for the quill keyways. The 10K style Tailstock quill which was used on the re-designed 10L upper casting is different. It is a 285KR, a square key pinned in the quill.


On 1/9/2023 8:26 PM, mike a wrote:

Hey Folks , for those of you with a Heavy 10 here's a forum thread on replacing the pin in the tailstock . I'm waiting to hear back if that is the same procedure on all SB's or at least the 9 A-C .