Grease for back gear shaft and main pulley

Tom Miller <millertam@...>

OK here's the trick I used. This grease rec by SB comes in a 3 oz
tube, its called Super Lube, Grease, from Permatex, item no. 82325.
This what SB will send you for about 15$, is less than 4$ from
Fastenal Co. I purchased a chainsaw grease lub
gun, a small plastic hypodermic type injector device readily
available at most Home Depot like stores in the chainsaw dept. Its
for greasing the rachet at the end of a chainsaw bar. This injector
has a small plastic tip that fits nicely into the hole on the
backgrear shaft and main pulley shaft. You do have to remove the
grease that comes in the injector. Then fill the injector from the 3
oz tube and inject it into the hole. Have to admit I like the grease
fitting adaptor device, but you would have to purchase a grease
cartrige of the Super lube, this is available from Fastenal also. Or
I guess you could get one of those small grease guns. I also now have
found type A, B and C lub oils at about $7+/gal vs 7.50/Qt from SB.
big tom