For sale: 1949 9A in near-original condition with many original accessories

Jim Schwitters

I'm the second owner of this lathe originally delivered to the US Army at Camp Lee in Dec 1949 (per SB's serial number card).  I confirmed its working condition then disassembled it to major components for storage intending it for a grandson.  For sale in central South Carolina.  $2250 plus shipping.  I will palletize and crate in a manner fitting its uniqueness and deliver to a local shipper that you arrange.
Pictures here:  4 ft bed with all the attachments and accessories shown.  Major items include: taper attachment; steady rest; follow rest; manual collet drawbar and sleeve with 8 #3 collets (1/16 to 1/2") in original SB containers; collet rack; threading dial; milling attachment; micrometer carriage stop; threading stop; 3MT milling arbor; 8" faceplate; 5' SB/Cushman 3 jaw chuck with both jaw sets; 6" SB/Skinner 4 jaw chuck; Jacobs 58B spindle chuck; 2MT tailstock chuck, various rocker tool holders; several turning dogs and various original wrenches.  Also includes photo copy of original serial number card and original oiling and bench mounting prints.
The lathe bed is virtually unworn with no discernible ridge on the inverted Vee.  Almost no rust on anything; exceptions are several spots on the taper slide and a portion of the 6" chuck.  No signs of abuse though there are a couple minor marks of shame on the compound.  The motor does not run when plugged in but I have not checked it out.  Everything is in original paint.  Additional photos and details on request.
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