[BridgeportMill] OT Maybe? Hand cleaners

Thomas Harrold

Zep "Cherry Bomb" is my current favorite.   Use it like a waterless hand cleaner, and then rinse it off. If you wet your hands first, it doesn't stick well enough, and most of it just goes down the sink.  Smells nice, and seems to really get the grease out of the pores. I don't tend to like waterless cleaners - they leave a strong chemical smell behind. 




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A while back, okay almost 20 years ago, a friend worked at Jorgenson Steel in Denver.  You know how that mill oil on steel is...   He and I and a roommate started a floor cleaning business and did the floors there at night.  They had a hand cleaner in the locker rooms that from what I recall was a green powder, not a liquid, and it worked with or without water and did not leave your hands slippery, greasy or stinky at all.  I'd forgotten about it until recently and cannot recall the name but it was amazing.  Anyone have any ideas on what it might be and if it's even still made?  It was not a typical household brand, more like an industrial supply type product you'd never see on a store shelf.


I see Mean Green that looks like a crumbly paste, but it looks different.  Any ideas?