3C collets

Nick Jonkman

Hi folks
Does anyone have 5/32" square collet and or a 1/4" square that you don't need? I have to make some small square head bolts for a model I want to build.
Any help will be appreciated.

Rob Morris

Joe Pieczynski does an excellent video on making a bushing to hold square parts in a round collet.



It is often possible to hold square stick in a round collet. 

The diagonal of a square stick 5/32 on a side is 0.2209. A little more than 13/32 =0.2188. in fact a 13/32 collet is only 0.0021 larger. 
You should be able to hold your 5/32 square stock in it. 


1/4” =0.250 has a diagonal of 0.3535.  23/64 is 0.3594. Thats just 0.0059 larger.  

Although 64th collets are not common, 3C rounds are sometimes easier to find than square.

Jim B.

Jim B