13” taper attachment for sale

Steven H

The 13” TA that I had for sale has been sold to a fellow in Florida.

Steve Haskell
Troy, MI

Steven H

The TA has been sold to a fellow in Florida. 


I'm making cross feed screw for telescopic taper attachment on 13 sb. Do you still have taper attachment? I was wondering if I could get some measurements from you if you still have attachment?

thank you, 


Steven H

I have the components for a 13” South Bend lathe telescoping taper attachment for sale. There is some visible wear in the middle of the Acme screw, but I don’t have a mating nut so unsure how much wear. I am asking $995 which includes shipping in the Continental U.S. I am located in SE Michigan in case anyone would be interested in picking it up. See attached photos.