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Reminder To All SBL Group Members

The FAQ will answer many of your questions. READ IT FIRST!

All discussion relating to South Bend and similar lathes is welcome: lathes, tooling, methods of work, repair, restoration, projects, the saving of SBL by LeBlond, where you found your old SBL, when you first started working with one of these beasts, etc.

Picture attachments are fine but try to keep file sizes small. Be kind to our dial-up members. When posting materials from other sources, be aware of the Copyright restrictions. If you know the material is copyright free its permissible to post it. If you are unaware if its Copyright stats its best to offer to send individual copies.

Please remember to trim your posts. Quote only enough of the previous message to maintain the continuity of the thread.

Brief postings by members on items for sale/trade/need are fine. Please offer them here first then eBay.

This is not a commercial group, but members "in the business" are welcome to let the group know about on-topic services. Please note however, that SPAMMERS will be banned.


Sale of personal items may be advertised to the list. However, it is asked that all transactions take place in private. This includes replying to sellers and pricing information. It is suggested that sellers include geographic information and shipping policy in their posting.

Commercial activity is expressly prohibited by Yahoo Groups Terms of Service. However, discussions by members "in the business" are welcome to let the group know about on-topic services.

Please note however, that SPAMMERS will be banned without recourse.


It is asked that before any list member places an item for sale on an online auction service such as Yahoo, Ebay, etc that they offer it to the group first as a courtesy to the membership. Publicizing of personal auctions not offered to the group first not only is in bad taste, but is highly discouraged. See section on For Sale Policy for further information.

From time to time, there are unscrupulous sellers encountered through online services. It is permissible for members report the actions of these sellers, however please refrain for making any disparaging remarks about these individuals. The proper place for leaving feedback is at those online services.

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