Cheap Lathe - safety


The dental hygenist at my last dentist's office told me she had caught
someone's mustache in the tooth polishing apparatus she was using on
me. I go to another dentist now.


Is this 9" A an undedrive or a horizontal drive unit? I have a right
hand guard for a HD lathe. I'm in Palatine in the phone book. Or
check Pete Swelzen in Mundelein (Libertyville?).

Glen Reeser

Dave Mucha

A frined and old timer who is now retired had a sorta similar experiance.

He had a favorte shirt that he wore almost every day. it was ageing
like old clothes do.

Anyway, one day while on the mill, he reached to move some chips, they
caught the sleeve and started to wind up.

Within an instant, the shirt tore loose and wrapped around the spindle.

Next thing he knew, the shirt was rapidly polishing everything it
could find and he was standing there shirtless.

Thank goodness it was a well worn shirt.


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I was working in a shop one time and an operater insisted on wereing
a tie he was told how bad an idea it was but he wonted to look good
for the boss. One day he was runing the lathe in back gear his tie
sliped out of his waste band got in the work and wound him down to
were he could not reach the switch. He was yelling his head off and
just befor it killed him the man next to him cut the tie and never
said a word to him. He never wore a tie agin. Tom

ALAN WHEATLEY <alan.wheatley10@b...> wrote:Using a lathe without a
cover or guard isn't a big issue for an experienced worker -- most of
my machines were built before today's safety attitudes and guards
became normal, and that's how most of them are still.

But if you (or anyone else using the lathe) is not so experienced,
if you don't have basic safety instincts and good advice, if you wear
long hair or loose clothing, or if there are children around, then
it's a good idea to follow one of the the last few days' suggestions
about making up a guard for the exposed drive belt.

Hair and clothing have got trapped by belts, chucks, etc, when
people move in close to get a better look at work in progress.

It happened a long time ago to one of my mother's friends. She was
proud of her hair and didn't want to wear the safety cap the company
provided. She got away with it for a while but was scalped when the
unguarded spindle or belt of a drilling machine took out her hair and
a lot of flesh and face. Died a couple of days later.

A missing guard doesn't convert a good machine into a boat anchor.
Use it and be proud of it, but remember that unguarded machinery can bite.


John Dammeyer <johnd@a...> wrote:
Or if you want to get really fancy, Cover the cone with plastic
film, and then spray foam. Carve, sand and finish the foam to a
pleasing shape. Then use Epoxy resin and fiberglass mat and make up a
replacement that looks like it's been cast. Remove, sand the
underside and glue in the bits to make the hinges. Add some more
resin and glass and sand it.

Now you have something that you can either use as is or use as a
pattern to make one from cast aluminium.

John Dammeyer

Wireless CAN with the CANRF module now available.
Automation Artisans Inc.
Ph. 1 250 544 4950

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By all means make a temp one from sheetmetal or small squared wire
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I have a 9A that is missing a cone cover. I haven't been able to
locate one so it is just a big boat anchor to me. I'm in the
area (near O Hare airport). I suppose I should part it out since
there are no spare cone covers out there anyway and it would be
incredibly unsafe to operate without one.

Offers? Ideas?

Ron Sebastian
Des Plaines, IL

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