SB lathe lubricants

Tom Miller <millertam@...>

OK, Here is what I think works as far as SB oils, per my research
into SUS viscosity and Mobil and Shell products that cross walk to
the SB rec SUS viscosity

Type A - Use Velocite 10, MSC pp 1916 item no. 60002136, $10.65/gal,
MSC Supply,

Type B- Turbine Oil part no. 14155K52 SUS 155 @ 100 F, $7.60/gal, Mc
Master Carr

Type C - Multipurpose Machine Oil, 1024K17, SUS 325 @ 100 F,
$8.55/gal, McMaster Carr

for way oil use Way Lub 1017K11 SUS 325 @ 100 F, 8.55/gal, McMaster
If my 13" burns up in the next several mos I will be sure to post a
msg to this effect. but think I am OK