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Was just informed of this group and checked in.
I own a 9" South Bend tool room lathe.  I all but the follower rest for it.  I got the lathe and approximately $3000.00 worth of Starret, Brown and Sharp, etc. machinist precision measuring instruments for $1200.00.  I bought the lathe in 1994 thru a machinist friend.
I have been machining since 1976 when I started with (and still have) the Atlas 6".
I now have the AA/craftsman lathe, Atlas 6" lathe, 9" South Bend lathe, and the 12x37 Grizzly.
I run Bower Machine & Tool.  I make some accessories for the above lathes as well as commercial work for a plumbing wholesaler near me.  (All their work is either brass castings or in brass bar stock.  What a scrap box I have). (I have been in business since 1985 and am 55 years old.  I am also a Tool Designer).
I have read most of the messages and the following is good sources.
South Bend Lathe Corp.
400 W. Sample Street
South Bend, Indiana   46601
(219) 289-7771
1-800-24-LATHE (this number is for ordering parts only)
I got my manual for my lathe from them for $25.00.  You receive the full manual along with a lub chart and leveling instructions.
The manual shows several lathes in the same series along with the various accessories and parts list.
You need the serial number that is in the front way at the tailstock end to get the right manual.
Never checked for their web site.
Another good web site is
This is
Metal Lathe Accessories
P.O. Box 88
Pine Grove Mills, PA  16868
(814) 234-3543
Andy Lofquist
I machined all of his kits and have most of them for my South Bend.  I quote on machining either partial or all the kit.  I have made quite a few of his cross slides, face plates and tool posts.
I use both his turning, boring, and quick retracting threading tool posts on my machine.
Check out his web site.  (Why redesign the wheel when he has kits that are very reasonable.  He supplies drawings and machining instructions with all his kits).  He has all listed on his web page.
The cross slide requires a milling machine as well as the face plate. The cross slide requires cutting both dovetails and T-slots and the face plate requires cutting T-Slots.  The vertical milling attachment also requires cutting dovetails and T-slots but he shows how to machine them on the lathe.
Well enough being long winded.