1913 South Bend 11x5 No. 29 for sale $1600 in MN


Hi guys,


I have a 1913 South Bend 11x5 No. 29 for sale $1600 in MN


Operational and in pretty dang good condition...for nearly 110 years old

Powered lead screw and cross feed

120V 1hp motor

Serial number 2551

Delivered to Grant Smith Locker Co., Rome NY December 31, 1913



·         All change gears (I believe)

·         Westcott 6” 6909 3-jaw (includes both outside and inside jaws)

·         Watson 8” 4-jaw (Craftsman 111.21410)

·         Skinner 7” 3-jaw No.305 (no backing plate)

·         Center rest

·         Large face plate

·         Multiple boring bars

·         Knurling head

·         Approx. 30-40 HSS cutting bits

·         2-drawer wood cabinet 14”W x 9”H x 24”D

·         Extra pulleys and original wrenches

·         Change gears:

o   1-16T

o   2-32T

o   1-40T

o   1-44T

o   1-46T

o   1-48T

o   1-52T

o   1-56T

o   1-60T

o   1-64T

o   1-72T

o   1-80T (A 1” section appears to have been repaired with bronze and hand filed).


Previous owner(s) adapted electric motor to power modified countershaft

Videos of running lathe can be provided if requested.

Reason for selling is I got another lathe.
BTW - photos appears to have loaded backwards.  I can't seem to get them to order correctly. Once I hit add they reverse order.  Sorry about that.

Located in Minneapolis, MN.