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Bill in OKC too

Jim, did you consider adding metal to replace some of that missing? Welding or brazing? I know if you welded it, you'd also have heat-treat it again, not sure if that would be necessary with brazing. It is neat as heck that you were able to keep the original parts and re-use them. Just wondering how you went about deciding how you were going to do the work? I've never tackled anything as complex as a complete car, and most of my knowledge of such things is strictly theoretical or book knowledge, not practical experience. One thing I've learned in my machining class is that book knowledge is useless without practical experience.

Bill in OKC

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I have tried to keep as many original parts as p[possible. Sometimes they need a little TLC
One such job was  a pair of shoulder bolts that hold the headlamp bracket between the wings(fenders) and the radiator.
That’s the black bolt on the upper right, just to the left of the radiator shell on the bracket extending through the shell. (The bracket is also shop made.)
The threads were buggered, bad.  Not getting a nut on that. It’s a 3/8-24 BSF Thread.  (Those are 55 Degree threads, not 60 degree.)
I decided to chase it on the lathe.
I held the hex in a six jaw on my 1934 SB-9” Workshop and indicated the shoulder to be sure its running true.
When centered and tightened I re-drilled the center and supported it with a center. I then machined
A relief for the threading tool, picked up the thread and recut it.  You can see that in the picture with the buggered threads.
That’s a shop made BSF 55 Degree tool. 55 degree=red.
This is the repaired screw. Good enough to use and although it did not save a ton of money, its what came with the car.
Just one of thousands of little jobs.  Not like GassMonky where things are replaced. If I could use it and or repair it it went back.
Jim B.


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