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Bill in OKC too

Freaking spell check. That was Oooooh! not Pool on!

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My wife said "Pool on! I want a ride in that before I die!

She's not been that impressed by anything I've ever done. :)

Bill in OKC

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As many know I have been rebuilding a MG for years.

It’s the reason I got into machining in the first place.

We finally finished it, and its on the road.

My greeting centers around it.


Dashing through the snow [NOT!],
In a 56 horse open coupe’,
Down the streets we go, Freezing all the way.
Horns behind do blow,
Some are mad, some gay,
Oh what fun to ride and be,
in a 52' MG TD.




Merry christmas to all andbest wishes for a most Happy and Healthy new Year.



Jim B.



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