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In addition to information here, searcj "lathe operation" on the internet.  There are many good articles to read there.



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My name is Scott Sunday.. I joined this group yesterday. I found it as I was looking for information on my lathe. I own a model c9-10jr.  I’ve owned this lathe for several years and have turned a few pieces on it, but nothing that I am real proud of. As a younger man I ran a Clausing Colchester lathe in a machine shop trade class. I sort of remember some of the basics about lathe operation but machine shop was so long ago I have forgotten most of what I was taught. I am strictly a hobbyiest operator.  I use my lathe for making motorcycle parts like wheel spacers or bushings for bikes I am building.  I’m getting ready to start turning some stainless hex stock into bolts for a project because I can’t find the bolts I need anywhere. One of the thinngs I’m hoping to finds an answer to on the forum are about the gears on the back of the lathe and how they work as far as speed and feed and thread turning are conserned.
Thanks for letting me join this group.  This is my first post and I’m including some pics of my lathe.  Hopefully you guys with more experience than me with these lathes can guide me to a better understanding of my lathe and how to make it work better. 
Scott Sunday


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