Re: Cosmetic fix for SB9c

Gregg Eshelman

You really want to be careful with this! Hold the ends of the strip between thumb and index finger only. Leave no extra dangling. Absolutely do not wrap any of the emery strip around your hand, fingers etc! I know a guy who is damn lucky to be alive after getting yanked into a big LeBlond metal lathe when he was polishing a shaft with emery paper. Messed up his hands but luckily the docs were able to put everything back together and after a couple of years unless you knew what happened you wouldn't know - except for the parts of fingers he'd lost in previous incidents. He was 81 or 82 years old when he did that.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 8:08:36 PM MST, Ray De Jong dejongray@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE] wrote:

What I have found to work  is emery strip with kerosene; with the lathe powered-up wrap emery strip around pulley and starting dry with very light pressure, increase pressure while adding a bit of kerosene and a few drops of oil. You can perhaps have the belt on the left pair of pulleys and polish the other two pair, then with the belt one of the previous pair and so on. What I have done is swapped-out the motor pulley with one of a larger size so as to speed-up the slower pulleys. Anyway, I guess the key is in the use of kerosene and gradually using finer emery strip, you know, the type that comes on rolls
Hope you are successful in your efforts

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