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Phillip Rankin

Greetings Steve, and welcome to the group. Longview...I pass through there about once a year going to visit my sister. We are practically neighbors with respect to the vastness of this nation. I live about 30 miles northeast of Baton Rouge LA. There is a wealth of information in the files, and more than enough information the gets passed around in the threads that even the most inept novest can start producing stuff in no time.

Merry Christmas
Phillip R.

On Dec 20, 2017 3:30 PM, "Steve Ligon acmeflyer@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE]" <> wrote:

Hello to all. I believe this is the first successful logon to the group. Probably my own technical ineptness.
I am a hobby machinist and have a 1933 408Y 8" x 36" South Bend that I have cut my teeth on. I have a lot of fun and try to be safe but I would starve if I had to make a living doing this work. I am so slow! I hope I have learned enough to help with my new project a CL-187ZB. I have it mostly disassembled and hope to start the cleaning, electrolysis, painting and rebuilding as needed. I hope to share some and hopefully tag some of you as a resource.
I am a Corporate Pilot by trade and hopefully 10 years before retirement.This is what I plan to occupy my time after. I live near Longview, Texas if anyone else is in the area.
I originally joined this group to get plans for a period correct bench for my 408 Southbend. I will see if I can access that now.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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