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I did mine with my milwaukie impact driver. Put a 3/8" adapter on there and then the usual wide screwdriver bit from sears and that took them out nice and easy. I had tried the whack it with a hammer one before and had mixed results.


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The impact screwdriver is genius. The Sears version is made in the US (a requirement of mine for any tool purchase) and cost $25.00 with tax. Took all of a minute using the purchased specific bit to loosen both screws without doing additional damage. Thank you very much for that advice.

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Thanks. I bought the spanner set available on Ebay which included a wide screwdriver bit with a hex shaft but it is neither fat enough nor wide enough for these two screws. Appreciate the steer.

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I bought this driver from Harbor Freight:

The largest screwdriver blade was not large enough so I bought this socket set:

One of the sockets was the right width but just a tad too wide for the slot. A quick touch on a grinding wheel and it fit perfect.

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