Re: 9" SBL Model 'C' question.


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In normal turning with the chuck coming towards you, there is no
upward force on the front of the carriage. When the chuck is turning
in reverse or when you have some other situation that would tend to
lift the front of the saddle (milling or whatever), you need to snug
up the carriage lock to hold the front down. I usually lock it down
tightly when I'm milling and loosen it only to advance the work into
the tool for the next pass.

Power cross feed means a new apron, crossfeed leadscrew, longitudinal
feedscrew and perhaps a new saddle.

Glen Reeser

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I have just recently started to do hobby machine work. I worked as
machinist at the Jacksonville Shipyards and at a few Jobbers shops
about 30 odd years ago. I got out of that line to try something
else. Now I'm relearning much of what I forgot.

I have recently obtained a 9" Model 'C' South bend lathe. I have
some of the attachements and am attempting to fabricate more
Part of the fun.

My question.
The lathe looks in good condition, allowing for the age of the
machine, the ways show some wear but not what I would have
excessive. Yet, when I try to use my milling attachement, hand
feeding the cross-slide toward me into the end mill. I get a lot
chatter. I discovered the carriage lifts on the front by the apron
as the end mill cuts into the material, (in this case a steel plate
am making into a 't-slotted' table for milling bigger pieces).
apprears to be about 1/32 inch, I have yet to get an exact
measurement, or perhaps more space between the apron and the bottom
of the bed for the ways that allows this lift. Is this something I
should attempt to 'shim' or just live with it?? I have made sure
apron is tightly attached to the carriage.

The lathe has performed well, within my abilities, aside from this


If I were able to purchase a carriage with cross slide power feed
of a Model 'A' or 'B', Would I be able to adapt it to my lathe to
enable powered cross feed on this lathe??


Whyemier (Clyde)

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