Re: small worm gears

John Losch


DJ Delorie,

Have you tried to contact the manufacturer of the printer?  This might be an available replacement part.  Further, if you can identify the printer make and model, and if this is a vulnerable and often needed replacement part, do a search on Google, and even on eBay.  I have found numerous parts for various repairs that way that I thought I would have to make.  You might even find “repair videos” describing the repair procedure on YouTube. 

Good luck looking before making or adapting.


On Dec 14, 2017, at 3:40 PM, DJ Delorie dj@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE] <SOUTHBENDLATHE@...> wrote:


"'m. allan noah' kitno455@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE]"

<SOUTHBENDLATHE@...> writes:
> has a bunch of different worms, but most of them are either
> round bore with setscrew, or cut into a solid shaft. I think you might
> be better off using a piece of threaded stock, instead of trying to
> slide the worm on a shaft.

I did think of that, but it really needs to slide on the shaft. The
worm drives the extruder, but the whole print head needs to move in the
X without affecting the extrusion - much like a lathe's power feed.

I've found that most available worms are either unbored or have a round
bore, and that square broaches are expensive :-( but so far "expensive"
seems to be the only option.

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