Re: Stuck cartridge

Phillip Rankin

been there done that. Have the tee shirt to prove it. it appears that the primer pocket has already been drilled. Tap the hole for what ever size will work for the hole that is drilled. Usually 1/4" x 20, or 5/16"  x 18. 5/16" x 18 has worked well for me. You can go up to 3/8" x 16 on magnum sized cartridges, but I wouldn't recommend it on cartridges with a base diameter of 0.47x" (270Win, 308Win, 30-06Sprig, etc). Find a set of washers, or make a sleeve that will fit over the cartridge and rest on the base of the sizing die. Make the depth deep enough so that the cartridge brass will have room to move. On the other end of the sleeve drill a free fitting hole for a bolt that will fit the threads in the cartridge primer pocket. Place the sleeve over the cartridge and rest it on the sizing die. Insert the bolt you have selected through the hole in the end of the sleeve, and thread it into the back of the cartridge. When the head of the bolt contacts the top of the sleeve use a wrench to tighten the bolt. As you tighten the bolt you should jack the cartridge out of the die. The brass is tapered so you will only need to move the cartridge a few thou to set it free. You could also stack washers up high enough to clear the end of the cartridge to do the same thing as a machined sleeve. 

Note: the brass will be I there pretty good. The reloading press forces the brass into the reloading die with thousands of pounds of force, and if an insufficient amount of sizing lube is not used  this is the end result.

Another thought. On the other end of the die there should be a rod (sometimes threaded sometimes held in place by a collet & nut system). Back this out as far as you can before trying to remove the stuck cartridge.use a bolt just long enough to fully engage all of the threads in the primer pocket.

Phillip R.

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