Re: Attaching A Face Plate

Guenther Paul

Yes use a 4 jaw indicate the bore and create more relief so the plate goes on all the way. you can test it by removing the 4 jaw with the plate still in it.After you get the plate to go on all the way remove it from the chuck face the plate and true cut the OD of the plate. I would not play around on a mill 

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If the metal is cut away on the mill you will have a better chance to true it up by mounting the face of the face plate and it can be cut accurately and measured. If done on the lathe there is always a chance it is not on straight. After cutting use bluing to check for high spots and hand scrape them until parallel. I have tried to adjust an old chuck mounting plate just to make it worse.   

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why use a mill put the face plate on back wards bore out a few threads, reverse it and if it goes on all the way , now face cut it and it should work fine 

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