Re: Attaching A Face Plate


There are two or three lines of thought here. 
One says butting against the step is what aligns the faceplate/Chuck. Another says it’s the unthreaded section on the spindle just before the step. But for this you need a tight fit on the registration diameter. 
If you do not but up to the step, even if the plate runs true, you take the chance that the plate will move      or even get stuck. 
If you use a ring it should have parallel faces. 
Better to find out what is tight. 
Try using Prussian Blue to sort out what is tight. 

Jim B,

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I am looking at a boring job using the face plate that came with my 9C.
I have not had occasion to use this face plate before.

When I screw the plate onto the spindle, it runs out of thread leaving
about 1/8 inch gap between the back of the face plate hub and the step
face of the spindle, so only the threads are stopping the screwing of
the face plate on the spindle.

Would it be advisable to have a shim between the face plate hub and the
spindle face so that the face plate will be seated before it runs out of

I am uncomfortable with the idea of having the end of threads stop the
motion of the face plate.


Steve Bartlett

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